Albadoro-Gala_Burlesque_musicaAlbadoro’s recipe:
55 kg of curves and turns
Smiles aplenty
A pinch of brilliant lunacy
Some devious delight, to taste

The dish is served hot and presented with care;
Albadoro’s costumes leave you breathless 

With her buttery physique she nonetheless gives a crisp burlesque performance, evoking long-ago memories of Italian excellence in art, music and fine cuisine.

Ironic, seductive and explosive, she is a master chef of burlesque, imbuing every number with the evocative tastes and spices of the Mediterranean.    

She is best known to the general Italian public as a finalist competing in the Sky TV talent show “Lady Burlesque” broadcast on Sky, where the performer has qualified as a finalist, following the lessons of the academy television for the duration of ten weeks of burlesque challenges and innovative performances. 

Albadoro’s mythical Italian beauty has since graced the best clubs throughout Europe from Monaco, Berlin, and Hamburg to New York, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.  

Her many theatrical productions include Cabaret Burlesque Theater’s “Arciliuto and Carousel” at the Teatro delle Muse, directed by Riccardo Trucchi, which competed in many top-level international festivals including the New York Burlesque Festival 2012, and  Fish and Whips Berlin Contest 2012.  

Albadoro won the “Best Classic act” at the Munich Burlesque Contest 2013, where her remarkable Golden Powder act made her known far and wide as “The 24 Carat Girl.”

A resident performer at the Micca Club of Rome and teacher at the Academy of Dance Teachers in Rome, Albadoro also works as a model , her most memorable work including…

“Girls and Legendary Cars” calendar by Carlos Kella, KellaStudios, Hamburg  

“Burlesque in Rome” photo reportage Diego Fioravanti, Photo Workshops Rome